Reorganize the Garage Before Spring Cleaning

Reorganize the Garage Before Spring Cleaning

Baker Residential Reorganize the Garage

March 25, 2019

You’ve just finished packing up all the holiday decorations and getting your home back in order. But where did all those boxes go? Is your garage not as tidy as your home’s interior? While you have the time during the winter doldrums, why not reorganize the garage before spring cleaning? Here in North Carolina, the weather is cooperating so you can plan to tackle this chore soon with these garage organization tips from Baker Residential.

One section at a time

Walking into your garage with the goal of organization can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? If there are piles of boxes, tools and sports equipment stashed away, you might feel like turning on your heels and postponing the task.

It will never get easier. Do it now, but commit to only one area at a time. Ignore everything else. When you find your attention wandering to another space in the garage other than your focal point, pull back. Remind yourself that these detours are only going to delay your success.

Now, grab the label maker, trash bags, empty boxes, and packing tape.

Get tough

You can’t attack garage organization like a trip down memory lane. That will add more time to the task. Before you start, commit to a ruthless attack on your garage stash. Promise yourself that you’re not going to cling to items that have been buried away in boxes for years. You also won’t keep projects that have not been finished (or even started) in the past year. Those repairs and makeovers are like weights holding you down. Be honest about your time and inclination to take them on. Lighten your load by donating or discarding the ones that are simply outside your attention span in the next few months.

As for memorabilia, think about what each item contributes to the quality of your daily life. If it’s really important, bring it into the house and display that precious treasure where you can have a steady reminder of its significance. Make a shadow box collage with some of the small pieces. Turn your old t-shirts into pillows. In the end, try to limit the mementos to one storage box per person. 

Assign parking spaces

With so many different things comprising garage storage space, you need to establish specified areas for each category. Off-season clothing and holiday decorations, for example, should be accessible enough for the infrequent use, but not in the way of more important things.

Put your lawn, garden, and other tools in one area. Hand tools and hardware are ideal for pegboard or a tool chest. Hang brooms, shovels, and other long-handled tools on the wall. A wall system can also include racks and baskets for small hardware, tape, trash bags, twine, and work gloves. Label everything so they not only find what they need but also know where to replace it.

Organize your cleaning supplies—solvents, sponges, paper towels, rags, buckets, brooms, and mops—in an easy-to-reach area so that when spring cleaning time arrives, you’ll be prepared. Sorting through this section will also help you to discard products that are out of date or have seen better days. Then, restock as needed. You’ll appreciate this step when you rally the family to pitch in!

If your home and your garage are just not fitting your lifestyle the way you want, it might be time to move. How about a new home with a 3-car garage? Baker Residential builds communities of luxury homes in Cary and Apex, two of the most inviting cities in North Carolina’s Research Triangle. Winter is a great time for homebuying, for many reasons, and with interest rates rising, buying now will save you money later. So, contact us to put yourself in a home that makes it easy to organize your life!


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