​​​​6 Ways to Rekindle the Romance with Your Home

​​​​6 Ways to Rekindle the Romance with Your Home

February 27, 2023

February brings Valentine’s Day. It also starts off with Groundhog Day and the overpowering desire that you just want winter to be over. Why not bundle all of these February feelings together and put some love into your living space? Baker Residential offers 6 ways to rekindle the romance with your home with easy home makeover ideas.

The benefits of feng shui are very real! When you arrange a space to achieve the right balance, your subconscious absorbs the positive energy. You might not even realize that your spaces are sparking discomfort in you at the moment, but you sense something isn’t right. Put some thought and effort into transforming your home into a place where you feel the love.

Rekindle the Romance Tip #1: Paint one room.

A can (or two or three) of interior paint is a relatively small investment, making it one of the best home makeover ideas on this list. Add in a weekend to get it done, and you’ll get the best return on investment from any update in your home. How about something that’s often ignored, like your laundry room or a bathroom? Go for the subtle shade you’ve been admiring on HGTV shows or be adventurous by taking a risk. Remember, it’s just paint, but the impact can lift your spirit higher than you expect.

Here are basic tips for preparing to paint a room. The right preparation makes the painting and clean-up a breeze!

  1. Buy the right stuff. Good quality paint, brushes, and rollers will make a difference in the ease of painting and the coverage. Paint and primer in one can is a bit more expensive but can save you from doing an extra coat. Don’t skimp on the brushes or you might find yourself picking bristles out of the wet paint on the walls or having brush marks left behind.
  2. Remove all wall art, hooks, switchplate covers, and wall fixtures. It takes minutes to do and will save you time when you’re trying to paint around these tiny obstacles. Tape the screws from the pieces you remove to the items themselves so you don’t lose them. Pack them in a box or a resealable bag so they’re easy to find when you’re ready to put them on the newly painted surface.
  3. Spackle any holes or cracks. Don’t go to the trouble of painting a wall only to have that annoying mark show up even more. Spackle is easy to apply and dries quickly. 
  4. Clean the walls. Use a wet sponge and mild cleaner to wipe down the walls and clear away dust and cobwebs. A Magic Eraser is great for getting rid of stubborn stains.
  5. Tape the edges. If you’re new to painting, use painter’s tape to cover the edges you don’t want painted, like trim. 
  6. Organize your painting supplies. A shallow cardboard pizza—like a pizza box—is great for placing your paint tray, can, and brushes. You don’t have to worry about spills and it’s easy to move around your space.
  7. Plan for splatters. Keep a roll of paper towels handy and a damp rag for quickly wiping away drips or places where you don’t want the paint (like the ceiling).

You’ll love the effect of a new color in your home!

Rekindle the Romance Tip #2: Create an accent wall.

In your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, make over one wall. Change the color, add wallpaper, or even install a chair rail so you can do both! Give the wall a purpose: showcase memories, provide organization, add a boost of color, or show off something special. 

Do you have a piece of artwork that you love? Maybe it’s not getting the attention it deserves. Paint a wall (see Romance Rekindler #1), and then hang the art or display it with plenty of space surrounding it (more space allows focus on the object). Add a few small items that accentuate the work of heart.

Add floating wall shelves so you can change your displays whenever the spirit moves you. 

Create a functional accent wall with a nicely framed dry erase or chalkboard, small cubbies or shelves, and a planner.  

Rekindle the Romance Tip  #3: Change the wall art and accents.

Have you had the same pieces on display for years? We get in the habit of hanging something and then ignoring it. As with any romance, if you want to fall in love with your home again, stop neglecting its special character! 

Change things up. Grab a large box and fill it with accents that you’ve stopped noticing. Or move them where you can better appreciate their uniqueness.

Every holiday you haul out the season decor. And you likely smile at all the things you forgot you had. Why not do this change-up more often? You’ll keep the love alive.

Rekindle the Romance Tip  #4: Replace the hardware.

Do you even notice the cabinet hardware in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room? How about the door knobs? Even the hardware on your front door might benefit from a refresh. Hardware is like the jewelry of the cabinets and doors. You don’t have to stick with what you’ve always had!

Rekindle the Romance Tip  #5: Redecorate using what you have.

Again, you’ve taken your living space for granted. You could walk through your home with your eyes closed and not bump into a single thing.

Add excitement without blowing your budget. Clear out a room or an area. Remove all of the furniture, accents, area rugs, and wall art. Look at the blank space. What do you want this area to say? Cozy and comfortable? Bold and daring? Minimalist? Eclectic?

Next, wander around your home and look for things that reflect that message. In other words, shop in your home! Look objectively and ask yourself what a piece of furniture or accent does for the space where it is. Would that be better, design-wise, elsewhere?

If you still can’t find the finishing touches, shop elsewhere, you just might surprise yourself with the inventory in your personal “home store.”

Rekindle the Romance Tip  #6: Purge.

There’s nothing like a healthy purge to change the way you feel about your home. From a single closet to the attic or garage and any space in between, you feel lighter, less weighed down, when you let go of the excesses in your home. It’s far easier to fall in love with your home again when it’s lost some of the extra “weight”.

Pick a target. Keep it small for starters. A big decluttering  project—like the garage—can be overwhelming, which could cause you to postpone or not finish. If you want to go big, focus on one area of that larger space and keep your focus there. Baby steps.

Make an agreement with yourself before you start. You’re not going to allow yourself (or any helpers) to fall into a walk down memory lane. Put your sentiments aside and adopt a ruthless purging mindset. Be honest about the importance of clinging to something you never use or even look at. As organization maven Marie Kondo advises, surround yourself with things that spark joy. Anything less than that is just clutter.

Start with a closet, bookcase, or other area that needs reorganizing. Set up three boxes or bins marked, “Keep”, “Donate”, or “Discard”.

Remove everything—EVERYTHING—from the area you’re trying to declutter. Sort each piece into the appropriate box. As previously mentioned, don’t stop to reminisce. You’re only delaying the task.

If it makes you feel any better, even Marie, the world-renowned decluttering expert, recently announced that she’s abandoned her tidying obsession now that the reality of having three children has opened her eyes. So, if you’re living with some clutter, it’s ok!

Loving life and home

It’s easy to take your home for granted. But the investment you’ve made should bring you more joy and comfort. Treat your connection with your home like any other relationship. Give it attention. Be purposeful.

On the other hand, if the love can’t be salvaged, it’s time to move on. Life is too short to waste time living in the wrong home.

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