Why Wait to Buy? Winter is a Great Time for Homebuying

Why Wait to Buy? Winter is a Great Time for Homebuying

Baker Residential Winter Homebuying

December 18, 2018

There is no single season for happy homebuying. It happens when buyers decide the time is right. Those who hibernate through the winter and postpone their house-hunt till spring are missing out on significant advantages. Why wait to buy? Before you hunker down for the winter, Baker Residential wants you to consider the reasons that winter is a great time for homebuying. 

Less competition.

When more buyers are in the hunt, you’ll face stiffer competition that drives up the purchase price. With fewer people enlightened about buying a home in winter, you’re more likely to get a home at the price you want to pay.

The cost will be higher in the spring.

Interest rates have been rising gradually for more than a year, and there’s no reason to expect the increase to slow down or stop. Waiting till springtime could mean as much as a half a point higher in your monthly mortgage payment, which can add up to thousands of dollars more per year, depending on the purchase price and down payment.

Save energy dollars.

If you’ve been living in a home that isn’t up-to-date on energy-efficient systems—like the furnace, water heater, and insulation—you’re paying premium prices to maintain your home’s comfort. New homes (at least the ones Baker Residential builds) are constructed to exceptional standards for energy efficiency. You’ll spend the colder months in comfort without paying excessive amounts for it. And those savings continue throughout the year, for air conditioning and water conservation.

You see the home in its wintry condition.

In the spring and summer, when the gardens are in bloom and the sunlight is streaming through the windows, a home looks its best. Assuming the air conditioning is fully functioning, the interior is also comfortable for a walk-through.

In the winter, you can see how the roads are maintained and whether the house feels drafty. You can check out the energy efficiency of the insulation and whether the windows are doing a good job of keeping the cold outside where it belongs.

Don’t spend the winter in a home that isn’t giving you what you need and want. Start the year in a new home that’s fully warrantied—from the appliances to the structure. Enjoy all the benefits that come with a new construction home, like smart technology and updated kitchens and bathrooms. 

Baker Residential builds single-family homes and luxury townhomes is appealing locations, like Cary and Apex, NC,and Hackettstown, NJ. We have move-in ready homes or you can lock in your rate for us to build the home you’re envisioning. Browse our gallery and contact Baker Residential for a cure to the winter blues.


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