We love the “Allura” of fiber cement

We love the “Allura” of fiber cement

Baker Residential fiber cement Allura siding

February 8, 2021

The look of natural wood is the finishing touch in a home, inside and out. But then there’s the upkeep, which can be time-consuming, particularly for the exterior that is subjected to wind, heat, and rain. Fiber cement presents the perfect blend of siding that is both natural looking and easy care. At Baker Residential, we love the “Allura” of fiber cement. 

What is fiber cement?

Don’t let the name “cement” lead you to think this product is anything but eye-catchingly beautiful—and not at all like concrete! Fiber cement is a mix of Portland cement (which is a combination of limestone, clay, and iron), ground sand, water, and cellulose fibers (wood pulp). The resulting composite is then finished with a texture—like wood grain, brick, or stone—and then shaped into sheets.  

What are the benefits of fiber cement siding?

When you consider the ingredients that go into fiber cement, you can appreciate how durable it is. Bring on the wind, rain, and the sun beating down on it. You can expect up to 25 years with this siding with practically no maintenance whatsoever. The material also resists rot, fire, and termites! Plus since it’s manufactured, fiber cement can be produced to look just like wood, stone, and brick, and in a vast assortment of colors.

In addition to the beauty, durability, and low maintenance, fiber cement is affordable. It’s less expensive than natural wood siding, which makes it even more appealing to homebuyers.

The allure of Allura

For all these reasons, Baker Residential uses fiber cement siding on our homes throughout the Raleigh-Durham Metro region. We can give our homeowners a beautifully finished exterior at a more affordable price than wood or stone siding. When we did our research into fiber cement manufacturers, we chose Allura. This Texas-based company is known for being innovative while also maintaining consistent high quality—in everything from the products to the customer service. Their variety of siding choices includes board and batten, shingles, stucco, and lap, as well as soffit and trim. 

Putting Baker in the spotlight

Allura recently featured Baker Residential in its blog’s Builder Spotlight. Daniel, our Director of Purchasing, spoke with the people from Allura about the partnership, which began long before he joined Baker Residential in 2018. 

“I know that if we ever have an issue then Allura will be on it,” says Daniel. “In today’s construction world, that is not always the case.”

Daniel added that he hasn’t received a single warranty claim regarding the siding. “I get zero bad feedback when I use Allura. It’s one of the ways we can give buyers confidence and comfort. Their warranty is outstanding. It’s industry-leading.”

With the Baker name on every home and behind every relationship we build, you can appreciate that we are very careful in our choices. Allura remains a valued partner for Baker Residential.

We invite you to see the beauty of fiber cement at its best. Browse our gallery of new homes for sale in communities like Providence at Yates Pond in Cary, NC, Weddington in Apex, and those coming soon: The Parc at Edwards Mill in Raleigh and Starling Woods in Durham. 


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