Find out what’s cooking with 2021 kitchen design trends

Find out what’s cooking with 2021 kitchen design trends

Baker Residential new homes 2021 kitchen design trends

April 28, 2021

Does your flair for staying current extend to your home’s decor? Just as fashionistas tip us off to what’s coming and what’s going, kitchen designers work with manufacturers to bring a fresh (or refreshed) look to this all-important room in your home. If you want to find out what’s cooking with 2021 kitchen design trends, Baker Residential has found some ideas that should inspire you.

Cabinets aren’t just “the white stuff”

For many years, white has been the most popular color for kitchen cabinets. While it still has a loyal following, cabinet makers are giving homeowners a more colorful option. From dove gray to bright green, painted cabinets reflect the hottest kitchen design trend for 2021. And if you can’t decide on one color, try a two-toned approach. Choose one color for your main cabinets and a contrasting one for the island, or go for upper cabinets that are a different hue from the lower ones. Your palette is no longer limited.

Island living

The past year has put some heavy demand on the kitchen. More people at home means more meals at home. The beloved center island has grown from being nice to have, to absolutely essential! This focal point provides more prep space, all while keeping an eye on the action. The center kitchen island also adds a casual dining option at the breakfast bar, the ideal location for a buffet, and helpful clean-up station when you incorporate your sink and dishwasher in the center island.

More than the function, the kitchen island is experiencing more attention to detail. Homeowners want it to look furniture-quality, which means adding legs, panels, and eye-catching hardware. Islands are also getting a pop of color. It’s a great way to add that splash without committing your entire kitchen cabinetry to that choice.

Prettier pantries

The pantry used to be a nice plus in a kitchen. After a year of storing up on months’ worth of paper products and non-perishables, the pantry is a critical feature. Homeowners want more organization in their pantries, perhaps even the possibility to put the water cooler or a beverage chiller in there. And it’s not just about the size and function of the pantry. Designers are putting more interest into elements like the pantry door. From a frosted glass bistro-style door to a whimsically colorful one, the choice of the door can make a big statement.

Close in the open shelving

Joanna Gaines made us fall in love with open shelves. She made it look good with her minimalist rustic style. But do you really want to give up essential storage space so you can show off your salt-and-pepper shaker collection? Rather than dedicate an entire wall to open shelves in the kitchen, think about just one or two display ledges intermingled with your cabinets.

More parking for your small appliances

Those small kitchen appliances keep multiplying, don’t they? The food processor, blender, Instant Pot, slow cooker, air fryer, vegetable spiralizer, bread machine, coffee bean grinder, immersion blender, popcorn popper, egg poacher—where do you put them all? When you use a gadget only once in a while but don’t want to go hunting for it, you can stash it in the pantry. But for those that you need more often, are you finding that the kitchen countertop looks cluttered with them? 

The appliance garage is another popular kitchen design trend. Keep your small kitchen appliances on your counter but hide them behind a cabinet door. You can also utilize a large center island. Incorporate pull-out drawers that make it easy to grab that small appliance and then park it out of sight when you’re done, without taking up  valuable counter space. Another option is the butler’s pantry—also known as an appliance kitchen or service kitchen. This nook is situated off the kitchen and can house a variety of features: cabinets for serving pieces and small appliance storage, sink, dishwasher, small refrigerator or wine chiller, to name a few.

Style is in the hood

The range hood is also becoming more stylish in 2021. Sleek metal, wood, and tile can turn your hood into a real eye-catching detail. You could even blend the hood into the backsplash by continuing the same tile for a seamless look.

Mixed metals

Can’t decide on the type of metal for your kitchen fixtures and hardware? You don’t have to choose just one. Forget matchy-matchy in 2021. Your light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and cabinet hardware can still complement one another without using identical materials. Keep your choices to two metals and pick contrasting finishes, like shiny and matte or brushed metal.

Hidden hardware

Do you appreciate the minimalist style? If so, you’re going to love the kitchen design trend toward hardware-free cabinets. Everything—from the knobs and pulls to the hinges—is hidden from sight, giving your cabinetry a smooth, seamless flow. Instead of knobs and pulls, the cabinet doors and drawers have notches for easy grabbing.

How is your kitchen holding up? Do you need to give it some love? The Design Studio Managers at Baker Residential work with our homebuyers to ensure that their new homes—townhomes or single-family—give them lasting satisfaction. We’re getting ready to launch a variety of new communities in the Raleigh-Durham area, including Cary. If you’re ready to do more than just freshen up your current kitchen, come and see our award-winning designs!


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