What homebuyers want in 2021 and beyond

What homebuyers want in 2021 and beyond

Baker Residential new homes what homebuyers want

July 29, 2021

Some things change and others stay the same. That’s life. But the way you live, particularly at home, has definitely changed over the past year or so. More people have made the discovery that their home space matters and their current one isn’t working. As we’ve been developing new floor plans, Baker Residential has explored what homebuyers want in 2021 and beyond.

Home office (aka “Zoom Room”). Working from home (WFH) became a necessity during the pandemic’s shutdown. Many people remain committed to the flexibility of this option, and many employers have seen the productivity advantage of allowing employees to work from home, either part-time or full-time. Whichever option you choose, it is critical to have a dedicated home office. A corner of the hectic family room or the end of the kitchen counter just doesn’t work. Homebuyers want a separate room where they can close a door and focus on getting work done. It also allows for setting up a professional-looking backdrop for Zoom calls.

Home gym. Workouts were sorely missed by active people when fitness centers were closed. Peloton scored a massive upsurge in sales during the past year as people made room for workout equipment. But the ideal is to have a home gym, not just a singular piece of equipment in the family room or bedroom. A home gym includes the technology for interactive exercise and virtual fitness platforms. The space also fuels the needs that contribute to a good workout, like audio, hydration, towels, and the proper snacks. 

Walk-in pantry. More people at home for more meals means you need more supplies. Where do you keep the sudden surge in everything from basic staples to snacks to paper products? The pantry passion has grown into an urgent need for a walk-in pantry. The bigger, the better! It’s not just for food, paper, and cleaning products, but also the ideal storage stash for the many small appliances and gadgets that you use infrequently, like a spiralizer, waffle iron, slow cooker, and electric griddle. Baker Residential had already planned for the larger pantries in our floor plans and now we offer an appliance kitchen, a nook adjacent to the kitchen and separate from the pantry. This valuable space houses your choice of features, like cabinets for appliances and dishware storage (think of all those serving pieces that are overflowing your kitchen cabinets). You can add a prep sink, beverage refrigerator, or other essentials to your appliance kitchen. Combined with the walk-in pantry, your kitchen storage and function expands tremendously!

Larger kitchen island. The center island has become much more than a workspace—at least for kitchen-related work. It has also become a mainstay for studying or working from home. Then there’s entertaining, when you use your island as a buffet or makeshift dining area.-Homebuyers recognize they are asking a lot of their kitchen center island, so it needs to be larger. Baker Residential offers two options for expanding your island living: an oversized center island or dual islands. With two kitchen islands, you could designate one for kitchen tasks, like prep and clean-up, and use the other for dining, serving, sitting, and visiting. An oversized center island gives you more room to accommodate comfortable seating.

Flex space. Floor plans are never one-size-fits-all. Every homeowner brings their very unique lifestyle to their home and they rightfully expect their living space to meet their needs. The flex space or flex room has become a clear pick of what homebuyers want in a new home. They need this area to accommodate specific functions, like a guest room, study, home office, fitness room, library, man cave, hobby studio, or game room. How would you use a flex room?

Outdoor living space. You can’t simply lay down a slab of concrete and call it “outdoor living space”. That’s only the beginning for today’s homebuyers. The focus here is on “living”. That includes areas for cooking, dining, relaxing, and entertaining. A fireplace or fire feature is a definite plus! The outdoor kitchen is a desirable feature in new homes, particularly here in the Carolinas, where we spend more months outside. The outdoor living space should also have a backyard where the fun can continue. You wouldn’t look at a slab and call it a home, so apply the same thinking when looking at your outdoor living space. Think bigger, to a furnished, functioning, and livable “room” outdoors.

More storage. Have you ever said, “We don’t need more closets”? Highly unlikely. We already referred to the walk-in pantry and appliance kitchen for more space. What about the rest of the home? Homebuyers want more storage space when they’re looking to buy a new home. Linen closets in or near the bathrooms, cabinets in the laundry room, a front hall closet, and storage spaces in the garage are all valued features. 

New construction. The past year saw more than a huge jump in homebuying. New home construction experienced unprecedented demand! Homebuyers appreciate the value of buying a new construction home that utilizes the most up-to-date materials and methods for energy efficiency, quality, and comfort. Features like smart home automation, which includes the cabling for today’s technology, is important to homebuyers. In addition, the idea of buying a truly move-in ready home that requires no improvements and is fully covered by warranties, well, can you appreciate the benefits of choosing a new construction home?

How does this list of what homebuyers want match with your own wish list? Look around your current living space. What’s missing? When you’re ready to do more than work through your home improvement list, consider the many benefits of living in Raleigh and the Research Triangle area. The availability of Baker Residential’s new homes for sale in Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and Apex continues to expand. We’re building a variety of communities to suit different lifestyles, including townhomes, affordable single-family homes, and luxury homes. Sign up for our VIP List so you don’t miss out on what could be the home you’ve been waiting for!


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