Perk Up Your Powder Room

Perk Up Your Powder Room

Baker Residential Perk Up Powder Room

December 5, 2018

The powder room—or half-bathroom—is a nice addition to a home or townhome. You and your guests have the convenience of an accessible bathroom, and you don’t have to share your full bath with anyone. But just because it’s a small space doesn’t mean it can’t be a showplace! Baker Residential has some design ideas to perk up your powder room.

Pick a color, any color

You can go with any color you want here—dark, light, or somewhere in between. You’ve probably heard that a dark color makes a small look smaller. Wrong! It adds drama. Picture your powder room with a charcoal gray, a deep purple. or navy blue. Then accent it with light trim and accessories, like a mirror with a silver, white, or brushed gold frame, and fixtures to match. The contrast is stunning and your bathroom will take on an elegance that will impress those people who get to experience your flash of design brilliance.

And who says you can only choose one color for your half-bath? Create an accent wall in a different color. It could be a different shade of the main color, a complementary one, or a stark contrast. If you really want to play with color, paint the ceiling in a color other than white. 

The wallpaper renaissance

Wallpaper was all the rage many, many years ago. It has experienced a rebirth that has not only given homeowners and decorators far more choices, but is also easier to apply. You don’t have to mess with the wallpaper paste and brush. Use the peel and stick wallpaper. It’s just as easy to remove as it is to apply so you can change your bathroom’s look whenever you feel like it. And with the small size of a powder room, the wallpaper is not a big expense or effort.

Let there be light

Quite often, the powder room has no windows so you don’t have a source for natural light. Since most visits aren’t lasting in the powder room, you can make up for the darkness by choosing great light fixtures. An overhead light makes sense, and you can find something to fit your particular style. Just make sure the size of the fixture is proportional to the room itself. If the ceiling is high enough, a small chandelier will make a powerful visual statement.

You can also use wall sconces above your sink, in addition to or instead of the overhead light, depending on your preference. Shining the light from the left and right, just above eye level, prevents the overhead shadows that are cast when a light fixture is directly over the mirror.

Mirror, mirror

And speaking of mirrors, here’s your chance to do something exciting with your bathroom decor. Instead of the basic panel of mirror glass, install a framed mirror. Just like a frame accents a piece of art, the mirror is enhanced by this border. From the material to the shape of the frame, the detail is a definite plus for powder room design.

The artistry of a vanity

The bathroom vanity has become more like a piece of furniture than basic cabinetry. With a half-bath, you don’t need extensive storage space, so you can incorporate something that’s more unique. A pedestal sink can be anything from simple to elegant, depending on the shape, sink, and faucet, and it’s a great fit for a half-bathroom.

If you like the vintage look, convert a dresser, desk, sideboard, or table to a vanity. For those of you who are not much of a  DIYer, you can find finished vanities that present the same look.

Maybe you like the farmhouse decorating style. Install a farmhouse sink on your powder room vanity. It really IS that simple!

Make a splash with tile

You love the tile backsplash in your kitchen and might even have something special in your master bath. Use tile decoratively in your powder room. Extend the backsplash from above the sink and across the wall to the door. Create a decorative pattern on the floor. Again, you’re not working with a large space so it’s affordable to have fun with tile.

A powder room is a great space to explore your decorating creativity. The plumbing is already there. Adding a vanity and changing the wall coverings and fixtures is not a major renovation. But the result will be a pleasing reminder every time you or your guests have the occasion to see your creative skills.

Baker Residential builds luxury townhomes and single-family homes that reflect such distinctive style and details. When you’re ready to experience a new home that exceeds expectations, take a look at our award-winning homes and communities in Cary and Apex, NC, and Hackettstown, NJ. Wherever we build, you’re assured of a superb location, quality craftsmanship, exceptional energy efficiency, and the lifestyle you deserve. 


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