What does “The Baker Difference” actually mean?

What does “The Baker Difference” actually mean?

Baker Residential Baker Difference

September 9, 2020

Once you’ve decided to buy or build a new construction home, you have a lot more choices to make. You go to a builder’s website and see the accolades. How do you know what to believe? At Baker Residential, we guide our prospective homebuyers to  listen to our previous  buyers. What does “The Baker Difference” actually mean?

We have an outside market research firm reach out to every Baker Residential homebuyer after they’ve moved in to gauge their satisfaction with the home, our team, and the experience of building and buying with Baker Residential. This is a VERY detailed survey, getting their opinion on everything from the various teams (Sales, Construction, Office) to items as minute as the quality of the light switches! 

We took a look at the results from the past year and were please with major points that ranked consistently superior from one response to the next:

  • Builder’s Level of Caring: This is something we’re passionate about. Baker Residential DOES care! We want our buyers to know they are VIPs. Our entire process—design, sales, building, and warranty—was created to deliver an exceptional experience. So, we care about your needs, which stretches from the features and quality of the home to budget, schedule, and lasting value. “Customer service was fantastic throughout the entire process. Employees really seem to take pride in Baker,” said Teresa after moving into her Mountain Ridge home.
  • Confidence in Builder: Confidence comes from trust, and that takes time and effort to build. So, how do we earn your faith in us? We rely on honesty, integrity, knowledge, and commitment to every person who comes to Baker Residential. Whether you’re just inquiring about the possibilities or ready to take the next step, your priorities are OUR priorities. “They were all great to deal with and were helpful and supportive through the entire process,” said Kimberly and Jillian, homeowners at Providence at Yates Pond, our community in Cary, NC. “Even when I need something now, they are more than willing to help.”
  • Sales Representative: Our sales team is a particular source of pride. We reviewed the homeowner surveys and had to smile at all the praise heaped on our team. Chris Faughnan, Theresa Braswell, Liz Bauer, and Joan Dearani each represent a different Baker Residential community but they all demonstrate the knowledge, attention to detail, responsiveness, professionalism, and friendliness that earned perfect marks from their customers. “Chris was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire building process. He was extremely responsive to our questions, concerns, and provided updates throughout the entire build process. This is the third home we’ve built and by far exceeded our expectations,” said Jeffrey and Christine.
  • Office Staff: It’s not just the sales representatives who deliver a stellar performance. Homebuyers told us that our office staff was equally exceptional. When you call Baker Residential, we’re happy to help with whatever you need. “The staff that helped during the whole process was amazing,” said Marcos and Luciane, Weddington homebuyers.
  • Construction Team: You might not get to know your construction team, but your project supervisor is a key member of your homebuilding process. This individual provides regular updates and readily responds to inquiries, according to our homeowners. They remarked about the cleanliness of the job site, a detail that reflects pride in the job. Ankita and Bhaskar built a home in Baker Residential’s McKenzie Ridge-Manors community in Apex. They offered, “Special shout-out to our construction manager, Randy Westbrook. He was phenomenal.”
  • Quality of Workmanship: Of course, you expect your builder to deliver a high level of craftsmanship. That’s one of the primary reasons you choose a particular homebuilder. Quality, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. Standards may vary from one homeowner to the next. We’re pleased to say that all of the respondents to our survey gave us high marks for the quality of Baker Residential’s workmanship. Timothy and Nicole noticed the Baker Difference in their new home at McKenzie Ridge-Manors. “The homes appear to be better craftsmanship than the competitors in the same price range.”
  • Quality of Materials: This feature is something that many homeowners don’t truly appreciate until they’ve lived in the home for a while, after the initial awe has subsided. We wait a few months before checking back with homeowners about their building experience, which gives them the chance to fully explore the quality of the home.
  • Informative Updates: You shouldn’t have to chase down your builder for an update. Communication is critical when you’re relying on something as substantial as the construction of your new home. Our entire team is committed to keeping the homebuyers in the loop, and our homebuyers will attest to it. Malikarjuna and Uma relied on their sales representative to stay in touch, and she didn’t disappoint. “Baker Residential onsite agent Liz Bauer is very prompt in her responses.”
  • On-time Closing: Also, a steady response was the time from start to closing. Every respondent told us the home was ready either before the promised date or on-time. When you’re looking for a builder, pay close attention to their commitment to a schedule! Paul and Alexandra built their Baker Residential home at Mountain Ridge in New Jersey. They shared their total satisfaction. “Wonderful people! We appreciate all that Baker did to make the process positive and move as quickly as possible. We were able to close on our home on New Year’s Eve. Thank you so much!”

What are you looking for in your homebuilder? If your search brings you to new homes for sale in The Research Triangle in North Carolina or the beautiful countryside in New Jersey, please consider Baker Residential. We want to give you the same quality experience that has defined “The Baker Difference”. 


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