Here’s a better way to tour homes and communities virtually

Here’s a better way to tour homes and communities virtually

Baker Residential new home Anewgo virtual tours

March 25, 2022

Taking a video tour of a home you’re considering to buy isn’t new. But the technology has dramatically improved in the past two years, as more people want to review their choices before visiting a model. Baker Residential is excited to introduce our collaboration with Anewgo to give you more ways to view our new homes for sale in Durham, Raleigh, Apex, and Wake Forest, NC. Here’s a better way to tour our new construction homes and communities virtually.

Let’s start with VTX, the  Virtual Tour eXperience. There are software platforms that allow you to move through a home to get a 360° view of the interior. Use your device’s cursor to move left or right, up or down, climb the stairs, zoom in on the view from a window, and see every angle of any space. Sometimes called a “dollhouse tour”, this opportunity is really helpful for homebuyers.

Anewgo has made it better. The features they’ve developed take the online home search to a higher level with views that weren’t available before.

See it with and without furniture.

What if you’d like to see a furnished model without the furnishings? Maybe you visualize better without that distraction. We added a special feature from Anewgo. You can click on the video and remove the furniture to see an empty room. Click again and put the furniture back.

Walk around the outside.

Why not apply the same virtual home tour technology to getting a view of the entire exterior of the new home? With our Anewgo platform, you can virtually wander around the Baker Residential home. See the front, back, and sides. Check out the curb appeal as you zoom in and back. Explore the backyard. Get a really good look!

Enter from any door.

What does it look like to enter from the garage or the back deck or patio? Isn’t that a useful detail to see while you’re taking a virtual tour of a new home for sale? We think so. And we’re proud of the way Baker Residential pays attention to details throughout the home, inside and out—like the family entry (so much nicer than a “mudroom”). Use our Anewgo virtual tour to go in and out from any entrance.

Check out the neighbors.

Drone videos have been (past tense) a useful way to get a bird's eye view of the street where the home is located. But you’re not at the controls of the drone. With Anewgo, we’ve solved that problem. You can use the virtual tour of the street as well as the home with the same 360° view. See the homes on either side and across the street, gaining a much better image of the broader curb appeal here.

Look at the plans.

As you’re viewing the new construction homes from the outside, click on one you like and get details on the plan or step inside for the virtual tour. Use the map icon in the upper right hand corner and you get a dropdown of the floor plan over the virtual tour. You can see the layout on the plan as you’re virtually walking through the home.

We’ve already added these tours to showcase Starling Woods on our website. This new Durham, NC, community is now growing. We plan to build a total of just 38 single-family homes for sale in this Durham location, adjacent to the Hollow Rock Nature Park. Take advantage of this improved virtual view of the homes and streets. Then contact Sheryl Pratt at (919) 500-9697 to schedule a personal tour. 


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